Tim Honnef                                                                                              NL/UK
is a playwright, writer, presenter, wrestling commentator and poet.
He is best known for his work under his pseudonym / alter ego ”Jonas Müller”.

Tim’s shows consist of a combination between solo theatre, interaction, poetry, comedy and the use of multimedia. The main themes in his work are identity, creativity and the thin line between fiction and reality.

Tim’s new show ”The Things I Never Told You” will premiere in Assembly Rooms at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019. Tim will also be performing work in progress shows of the final part of his Jonas Müller series ”My Brother, the Playwright” in various venues around the UK and will be touring the Netherlands with his show ”De Vermissing van Mona Olsen”.

”Noir-like quality. I really hope this isn’t their last play. In talking about art, they prove it’s worth making it.” – The Scotsman