Jonas Müller Regrets Writing This F*cking Masterpiece       

I’ve missed some great video games. Missed cinema releases.
Missed the good conversations with my best friends.
The crap conversations with the other people I know.
The moments where I used to take a small glance at that pretty girl that works in the cinema in the hope that she would smile at me.
The moments when she smiled.
All because of a stupid promise and the fucking masterpiece that followed.
I hope you enjoy it….

A multimedia storytelling multi-person solo show, purposely made without permission of any of the rightful owners of the original material.

sweet, touching story of unrequited love; a dark confessional on obsession and an inability to deal with contemporary life; and an elusive reflection on authorship and identity (…) it’s a warm-hearted, poetic hour, fragile and poignant.” – The List

”A fascinating curiosity of the Fringe and an intriguing piece of experimental theatre” – BritishTheatreGuide