The Expiration Date of Jonas Müller (Age 70)  

Hi! I’m Jonas Müller (Age 27). Over the last few years I created storytelling shows with my best friend Tim. People wrote nice things about us, like:

”A fascinating curiosity of the Fringe and an intriguing piece of experimental theatre” –

”A sweet, touching story of unrequited love; a dark confessional on obsession and an inability to deal with contemporary life; and an elusive reflection on authorship and identity (…) it’s a warm-hearted, poetic hour, fragile and poignant.” – The List

”He interests me and has made me wonder about the progression of theatre and how the Fringe Festival is impacting on that. A must-see.” – Fringereview

Unfortunately last year something occurred…. and we haven’t spoken since.
I wrote this multi-person solo storytelling show to tell you what happened (next). It’s also about an old man who shares my name.

Tim is going to perform it. It might be a good thing that he won’t see the script before he walks on stage….

A show about killing your darlings, facing your insecurities and confronting your demons… even the ones you (sometimes) really really like.

”A love triangle develops into a more interesting story about taking responsibility for your own work as an artist when it goes wrong, of taking a risk when it would be far easier to do something else. I really hope this isn’t Müller and Honnef’s last play.
In talking about art, they prove it’s worth making it.” – The Scotsman