Tim Honnef – LIFE

”Poetic, funny, sweet, unique and wonderful” – Tim Honnef’s Lego
”An unguided missile; you never know what happens next!” – Tim Honnef’s Playmobil
”Raw” – Dinosaur Rex
”Clean up your room, you twat” – Tim Honnef’s dad

Tim Honnef is 22. Tim Honnef is Dutch. 
Tim Honnef is coming to Edinburgh, with his first international comedy show.
Expect poetry. Expect comedy. Expect audience interaction. Expect mayhem.
This is gonna be fun….

”This is a rare chance to see a a truly inspiring performer bringing his unique style of show to the Fringe and is set to make a lasting impression.
One of the top ten shows of 2012.” – The New Current