Honnef's Lost Words

Honnef’s Lost Words
This was supposed to be an ode to creativity and words. Unfortunately I don’t have any left. All my stories, cassettes, videotapes and notebooks have turned to ashes.
All my memories, both true and false, are gone. All I have left to offer is a picture of a bookstore, some comforting chocolates and an undesired ode to turmoil.

‘Honnef’s extraordinarily layered, complex world, with no knowledge of what is to come, is the sort of experience we come to the Fringe in search of.’ (Fringereview)

‘A magical journey through the mind of one of the most fascinating experimental theatrical minds at the Fringe’. (BritishTheatreGuide)

‘Jonas Müller (or perhaps more correctly Dutch theatre maker Tim Honnef) has a long history of playful, patience-testing meta-theatrical experiments at the Fringe, a series of shows that almost count as a multi-year mega-project exploring Müller’s life and interests.’ (Scotsman)