Müller’s Last Tape
Last year, while clearing out my grandfather’s house, I stumbled across hundreds of hidden envelopes. Every envelope contained a cassette tape, each labelled ”Project S”. As I began to listen, I realised that my grandad had managed to rewrite the story of his life. This is the tale of how my seemingly ordinary grandfather played a key role in a major international mystery. Expect hidden messages, obsessive fans, grandmothers, blatant lies, disruptive cockatoos and catchy Belgian indie pop.

”If taken at his word, and accepted wholesale it’s a touching and quirky peering into illness, obsession and the desperate struggle to find meaning and survival through art. If not, then it’s a magical journey through the mind of one of the most fascinating experimental theatrical minds at the Edinburgh Fringe”
(****, BritishTheatreGuide on The Things I Never Told You)

”It’s intriguing and provocative, as well as being slightly infuriating. Yet Honnef’s genial nature means that even if he is a compulsive liar – or, worse, completely off his rocker – he still comes across an altruistic sort at heart. Backed by this likeability, Honnef’s shaggy dog stories are a pleasant diversion that can be interpreted as nothing more than that, or a touching insight into mental illness and depression, or a metaphysical examination of the nature of human perception.”
(TheWeeReview.com on The Things I Never Told You)

”Honnef is one of the most adept on the Fringe when it comes to the increasingly popular game of keeping the audience guessing. (….) This relentless game-playing is either thrillingly postmodern or deeply frustrating. However, the idea of a cache of books, albums and videos none of which seem ever to have existed takes a Borgesian grip on the imagination. As twist follows twist, one has to admit that even if it’s all a shaggy dog story, it’s a damn fine one.”
(The Scotsman on The Things I Never Told You)